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Frank Ocean’s Tragic Cocaine Story Results In… A Beautiful Song And Remix

The Most Positive Way To Cope With Your Ex’s Cocaine Addiction

…move on and make a positive song about it! One of the most honest songs in recent times. Hope this tune means buisness to you as it does to me, since its my absoulte favourite track by Frank Ocean (besides Thinking bout you, which was THE  tune for 2012) and i have been coining this rework for the past months and had some serious feedback by the most diverse of crowds. Thank you. The Anti Drug Message in the Song is such powerful material and i sincerly hope this makes you get up and enjoy it even more!

L · O · S · T | Frank Ocean | Chrome Remix | FREE DL


Frank Ocean – Channel Orange [New Album]

Frank Oceans new album ‘Channel Orange’ is now available and these are my favourite tracks so far. We already had ‘Pyramids‘ on our blog. If you like it, then you’ll get it on iTunes (DE) or iTunes (US).


Frank Ocean – Thinkin’ Bout You


Frank Oceon – Sweet Life


Frank Ocean – Lost

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