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Lyn Charles – Now I’m Living (Ft. Freeway)

A guy named Scott Sheldon sent us this tune a few weeks ago, maybe Lyn Charles himslef? or one of his compadres? Anyways, sick piano sample, nice horn lick, great chilled out vocal hook and an overall nice vibe to this fine piece of hiphop. Cannot recognize the sample and thats a rarity these days. I came across a lot of good hip hop songs these days. Same goes for rock/pop/indie/folk songs. Somehow anything that doesnt sound like its manufactured sheerly for mass consumption or that tastes too artificial. Its the genral feel that its turning toward live, organic, self made, music.. like Marvin said: “It’s music, pure and simple”. Thank you internets.

***ps whats that picture got to do with the tune? you go figure it out! me? i’m too busy being an eccentric over here

Now I’m Living (Ft. Freeway) by Lyn Charles

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