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Music for a long week

* thats where you get some cold ice cubes …

Here´s a little something to ease your start into another long week



Major Lazer vs Emynd – “Hold the Linve Vs Hard Drop”


“papa was a rolling stone” (b.cause jamming dub edit)


New Edition “a little bit of love” (b.cause drums edit)

Crookers – this friday @ Theaterfabrik, munich

Okay first off the popular information – This Friday Crookers are playing at Theaterfabrik in munich alongside Birdy Nam Nam, the Acid Kids and myself. That alone should be way enough to set any roof on fire, but i wanna dig a bit deeper in the subject, focus more on the Crookers, who they are, what they have done and all the things they have moved in the past 2 years.


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Musically the first part is gonna include a couple of Crookers Mashups & remixes, the 2nd one – their most prolific classics and the third one is gonna be their latest material.

Well first off they are among the biggest names there are right now(think Justice, Basement Jaxx, Boys Noize, etc). They single handedly put italy back on the map – nobody forgets the boot – but musically it has been asleep for at least 20 years. They put the cool back in the otherwise forbidden word “techno”, mixed it with crunk and let’s say “ghetto” (i know it sounds corny but euroheads know what i’m talking about). The guys are a bunch of hip hop heads that produced the kind of electronic sound that made them become the go-to-guys for rave anthems. Somehow their sound was even appealing to all the big record industry players – that all of a sudden wanted to to be produced by them (Black eyed peas etc). In general they somehow were among the first ons to start that hiphop-rave hybrid thats the new global phenomenon. They became a household name and actually famous via the blog world – among the first ones. next part tomorrow:  Their releases.

15 Pages of crookers on hype machine – that alone says it all! – and over 100.000 fans on facebook.

show them some love here>>>>Crookers: ::::Blog::::Facebook::::Twitter:::Myspace::::Hypem::::

Here is a link to the track “SBombers”  they put up on their site in celebration of their 100.000th facebook fan.

Listen to these tunes here:

a Crookers mashup incorporating – major lazer – bingo players – la roux and diplo:


Get up for the Kill (Crookers Mashup)

their infamous Busy P (Ed Banger) “to protect and entertain” (Crookers Rmx)


Busy P – To Protect And Entertain (Crookers Remix)

Kolt 13

Bild 10

A word about Kolt 13 – this guy seems to be one of the up and coming producers/ remixers. All his tunes are in our crates (well laptops), some work better than others and some things have to find its yet definetly best fitting sound, but he after a handful of remixes has already a trademark sound. How many people can claim that? And his take on Empire of the Sun has climbed the hypem charts last week – which it definitely deserved, so that was good to see. Let me show some more support by posting 3 more of his tunes and establish this guy as a name with its rightful place and a constant spot on any music roundup on the webs.


DELUCE-Lion’s heart (KOLT13 ghost remix)


Chromeo – Night By Night _KOLT13 Ghetto Remix


major lazer-hold the line(kolt13 remix)

Love here >>> Kolt13 ::::Twitter:::Myspace::::Hypem::::

So Shifty

Bild 1

For years there has been nothing – i mean literally no interesting music/ production coming out of Hamburg, germany, which used to be one if not THE music capitol of the country. There are always certain shifts towards places – remember Bristol in the mid nineties, Frankfurt in the late 80ies, early 90ies etc. Anyway its hard to keep up with Berlin these days, with all the concentrated talent there. So Shifty are hailing straight out of Hamburg and these guys are simply doing some fine enjoyable remixes. Especially their Major Lazer/ Nina Skye remix caught my ear. Although i didnt want to post another Major Lazer remix, a least for long now, this one is hard to resist. Sounds like a proper 60ies Ska original. Lovely… as well as the other stuf they sent through. All enjoyable – grab their material and make sure to feed your ipods. They will appreciate it.


Louder-Major Lazer (So Shifty 1961 Ska Version)




So Shifty – Nowhere To Run To

So Shifty ::: Twitter ::: MySpace ::: Soundcloud :::

new Major Lazer “Pod the Floor” Rmxs

Major Lazer playing live @ Registratur, this THUR night. We couldn’t play the Support, since we are having our TOP FRIEND night @ Liga, so our buddies Schlachthof Bronx guys jumped in. Good looking out peoples. We ll see us all after the show @ Top Friend anyway.


Major Lazer ft. Ninjasonik – Pon De Floor _Diplo Rap Remix


Pon De Floor (Richie Beretta Unprotected Sex with Nick Cannon Mix)

top tunes for september 2009

vote your YUM YUM Top Tunes for September, Remember you have got 5 votes.

YUM YUM August

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Melane Fiona _ The Illadelphonics – Cupid _Sam Cooke Cover


Major Lazer- Pon De Floor (Ernold Sane Remix)


The Be Good Tanyas – When Doves Cry


Marina & Soko “Mum”


Calvin Harris-“the rain”


Mayer Hawthorne – Your Easy Lovin Aint Pleasin Nothin


Zest – jump in the middle and skank


La Roux – I’m Not Your Toy (Jack Beats Remix)


Ms Dynamite – Bad Gyal _Remix


Passion Pit – Sleepyhead (Starsmith Remix ft. Ellie Goulding)