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Sratchandsniff Reworks & Edits

Pretty nice Soundcloud account by Scratchandsniff from Glasgow I stumbled across via a facbook post by my pal Markus. Loads of soulful Edits and most of them available for download. Here you have my favourites so far

Al Green – I’ve Never Found A Girl (scratchandsniffs re-rub you up the right way) by scratchandsniff

Mick Jagger – Sweet Thing (scratchandsniff’s extended re-rub) by scratchandsniff

Minnie Riperton – Adventures In Paradise (scratchandsniff’s extended re-rub) by scratchandsniff

four soul gems

Some serious steppers and mellow tunes from the era of fros. Music that has been circulating in my stereo fror the longest. Even though i might be a child of the 80ies, this is the music that i have been listening to, worshipping and collecting in the 90ies. A small selection of songs that somehow always seems to find its way back to me, one way or another. Enjoy the lovely Ms Minnie riperton, Curtis Mayfield, the Isleys Brothers and the voice of the Ghetto: Donny Hathaway