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Mark Ronson ft Ghostface “Lose it” & Kanye West “Monsta”

Two artist that have released 2 killah tunes, i mean fiiire, but were nowhere to be found on our site, while i was vacationing. How come? These tunes even made it into our YUM YUM Sept Top tunes. Cant miss out on these two, especially since i am dropping both in every set!! First its Mark Ronson & Ghostface Killah with “Get Lose” and 2nd its Kanye Wests Monster, especially that Nicki Minaj Sol rmx – that tune is killing it. Here you go in case you havent been online in the last 2 weeks and a specail message to all our djs – do not forget to to drop both anyplace you go, not that these tuens need support – its just that i wanna hear em loud!!! LOL

great cover artwork, great over all production on that tune and a def pick for every kind of set i can think of. Its like that Katt Williams standup where he talks about his jam, nd this one here is mine.


Mark Ronson ft Ghostface “Lose it”

Kanye West, after the 808, he finally leaks some nice tunes again, apart of course from the Justin Bieber + his take on “Alors on Danse”. His solo material then again is really on some quality material. We are not gonna post all of his material the webs are already packed with it like a chinese mall, just the most important stuff. But the real winner here is Nicki Minaj, her Solo version is keeping my ipod busay!!


Kanye West, Jay-z, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Bon Iver – “Monster”


Kanye West “Monsta – Nicki Minaj Solo Version”