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…introducing YoYa


YOYA are an indie band, in the tradition of Radiohead, Animal Collective and Co, they are from in L.A and with their moody and at times deep music they instantaneously caught my ear. I don’t want to be a music critic, so let me just put it this way: i guess their songs mood matched mine and thats that – please check out “Mountains”. YOYA was in our dropbox just recently and besides just putting them up on the site we decided to start remixing some of their songs. Dont know if anything will ever come out of it, but i guess it shows my appreciation for their music. The two tracks posted here are among my favourites – go to their itunes page to check all their material – support them by giving them some love on myspace (haven’t found a facebook page) and of course if you dig it buy their music. You all know, it is probably the only way of supporting a struggling artist before a new method comes along. These guys are young, have a certain vibe to their music and i hope to hear more from them and see other people spread their music on the webs. You guys deserve it.

an arty video to “Blood River”

So thx Alex for letting me know about you guys and i hope this finds many people, speak soon.


YOYA “Mountains”


YOYA “Blood River”

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Ps @Alex – Blood River has a weird rewinding drumtrack – hard to get it on point with a beat – single tracks would be mucho appreciated by me and the crew.