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YUM YUM Munich this Friday Nov 7th with pure summer vibes

This one s gonna be really huge – if last YUM YUM in munich was an indicator – check the last comic book , it will going down this Friday @ Registratur in Munich with Djs Chrome & Special Guest Anonymous (Helsinki/FIN) and 2nd area being a Top Friend Floor with Not:fx & Norbert Schiegl. Finally the transcending phase is over where we had to re-convert our audience to new musical styles – but still keeping the whole YUM YUM vibe of friendly lively soulful music with a singing audience filled with smiley faces. The YUM YUM crowd took it with extreme ease and adapted just like we did and now they are the ones pushing things. They know whats up – it seems only the other promoters and clubdjs (with a few exceptions) haven’t caught up yet and are still booking and playing yesteryears music. All musical boundaries are only in your heads, i have been playing that wildstyle all my life and now the time is ripe since most ipods have better music to offer than the average dj – meaning thre is a wide acceptance in the audience if not demanding.

The new website design is doing its thing as well our newly set up yumbrella network. Ps this month we will try something different with this months YUM YUM top tunes. You will be the ones deciding what the charts will be. Have fun and come back Thursday for the final results.

Enjoy all the other new entries & music.

Ps we will be handing out the YUM YUM tour Cd this Friday. The first 100 guests will each receive one.