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Berlin Producer Nhan Solo Goes The “House Meets Classic Hip Hop Samples” Route. Salute!

I never really had the chance to meet Nhan Solo, but i went to several parties when he played in my hometown Regensburg back in the days. Now he lives in Berlin, started his own label and released two songs i thoroughly enjoy. Edit: Didn’t know Nhan was an old buddy of the other chromemusic crew! Makes me like it even more!

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Top Friend Party on Thursday

Top Friend Party on Thursday

For the second time we´ve got Irving Jr around, who played a really promising debut last month. By his side we´ll have NotFx – a Top Friend Dj from the beginning. Smells like a good party! Hope to see all of you Thursday night at Erste Liga.. There’ll be a  extra summer special price all night long, a welcome Wodka-Monster and sweets for the sweet… music for the friends.


Sneaky Sound System – When We Were Young (Breakbot Remix)

BONUS: 2 Mixtapes by our Top Friends Dj Fu and Nhan Solo

DJ Fu Sommermix

Nahn Solo often-in-summer

This Thursday: TOP FRIEND Party w/ Nhan Solo & Schu

In unserer Serie “DJs aus Bayern im Berliner Exil kehren in die Heimat zurück” freuen wir uns an diesem vierten Donnerstag im März auf Mr. NHAN SOLO (Neighbourhood Management) der im Rahmen seiner WeSC Mini Tour einen Stop im grünen Keller-Club einlegt.
Zusammen mit ihm hinterm DJ Pult steht unser Münchner Resident TOP FRIEND und Lieblings-Blumentopf –Local Hero SCHU. Am Donnerstag gibt es Freikarten für alle FRIENDs im WeSC Store München.

Zu einem einem leuchtenden Dancefloor, feierbarer, Cross-Genre elektronischer Tanzmusik, Sweets und FRIENDly-Wodka laden die TOP FRIENDs: RSVP

Listen to:


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this thursday: WeSC Bread & Butter Party @Villa Berlin

In time for bread & butter, WeSC is having a ball @ Villa, this Thursday. Like at any B&B Berlin is under attack by the hordes of party zombie fashionistas. This party gets major support from YUM YUM Berlin so it will go though the roof, even though Adidas is throwing a huge extravaganza next door, but i’ll see all of you M.I.A.s  latest around 2-3, cause just like NY in the 80/90ies – Berlin never sleeps. Floor ones handled by me and Schowi and #2 goes to Nhan & Taan. So come by and Salaam

2 tunes that i keep hearing from my co-djs in Berlin – i dig them both


Bamboo Shoots – Hey Girl


Of Montreal – gallery piece