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#TrapTraffic – a roundup of the latest tunes, fresh for the last week of July (mostly FREE DLs)

A new segment of Trap tunes and finds . Just too many to post seperately since everybody and his dog is producing trap these days. If you don’t like the genre skip this post altogether, but a few one like that Alborosie rework or Nina Simone or Keys n Krates might appeal to folks outside the genre. The focus is not on the noise driven trap tunes in general since we only select the tunes that we play ourselves – so go check them out.

Ps Mixtape: STEVE1DER – Murderation

Blumentopf – Bin dann mal weg (Chrome’s Yum Yum Version)

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Flo, from Blumentopf, good friend and yum yum original, approached me not too long ago to remix their latest release. so i did a remix for them, which i liked, but too make it even more playable – especially at yum yum, i had to lace it with a different beat. just like we did in the old days – and called it blends. have fun with this one. blumentopf – good friends of mine on one of my top 5 favourite hip hop beats: talib & kanyes “gety by” a classic tune, among the last and most outstanding releases in a long line of Rawkus Rec classics, heavy infused by the godlike keys of nina simones anachronistic afrofunkyness.

our Dropbox is awesome!

We get sent so much music every single day, and we hardly have time to go through it, just by the sheer amount of it. I took some time out to check the latest stuff we got sent and honestly a huge percentage is simply not up my alley, but there is some great music along the mails. And here let me share some it with you. ps to all the artists and promoters, thx for sharing this material with our readers.

1. Lets start with the Soundcloud material

Benjamin Francis Leftwich:
Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Pictures by Mud Hut Digital

we have featured the Vacans before, here is their take on an old Nina Simone tune:
What’s a Woman To Do? (Feat Nina Simone) by Vancans

a fine glitch hop dubstep tune with some weird attitude to mit, like it:

J-Nolan delivers this nice hip hop tune
J.Nolan- How it Feels(prod. Tuelv) by manifestmovement

Nostalgia 77 is finally back with their new beautifull anthem “Simmerdown”
Nostalgia 77 – Simmerdown by Mud Hut Digital

awesome d&b remix of Claire McGuire, courtesy of Danny Byrd
Clare Maguire – The Last Dance (Danny Byrd Remix) by Radar Maker

another hip hop gem, by one of Hoodie Allens tour partners:
Give Me The World [Prod. Sinima] by ZAK! Downtown

Left Boys “Your Song” is definitely worth mentioning:
left boy- Your Song by LB PR


2. Material via Dwnld Sites and direct mp3s:

I) Good friend Maxey from Barcelona sent me his “Latin Flavored Fire Spring Strut” which you can buy here at Soul Seduction . Here is a teaser tune:


DJ_August-Har To The Low

II) Good old buddy Dj Vadim contacted me just recently, he found out who was behind these YUM YUM parties, lol and he was also attending one in Cologne, when i was there, but on a more (or less) serious note: The mans been busy as always and came up with a new album that he sent me through. The Project is called “The Electric” and we are gonna have a full on feature this week. Here is a tune i selected as a ashort preview:


The Electric – So Now You Know


3. Mixtapes we get sent

We get far too many mixtapes and i noticed this one cause it had a direct relation to us, since two of my tracks are featured on it. Too bad the soundcloud link wasnt shareable, i had to download it, then reupp it plus convert it to make it a bit smaller. too much handling fella, but anyways its a nice mix of tunes that i like and here is what Dj Create wrote: “Hey, I’ve been loving your blog for a while now, and there’s a few tracks on this mix that I originally found through you guys, so have a listen, let me know what you think!”

Dj Create – Message In A Bottle Mixtape

Tracklist via his Soundcloud site


4. Videos people send us

Some really entertaining material here – enjoy. start it off with a nice hip hop tune, thats way better than the video, but amateurism is the new professionalism, if i dare measure that by the black eyed peas Superbowl gig, lol. this guys reallly on point with this neat tune. ps dude send the mp3 through…

Nostalgia 77’s “Simmerdown” is simply awesome:




“Four Women” Nina Simone, Simone, Laura Izibor & Ledisi

nina simone

A modern, soulful classic – thats what this song is to me. Nina Simone, Simone, Laura Izibor & Ledisi lay down the title song to the movie “For colored girls” . I dont know anything about that movie, nor did i care googling it (and i dont mean that in the Tracy Morgan sense ) might be good, might be bad – i am not too much into movies, but good musics good music, and if i was still the mad record collector i was back in the day i would have hunted that tune down. Ps there is a new Janelle Monae song on that album! Definitely worth checking!


Nina Simone, Simone, Laura Izibor, & Ledisi – Four Women

Wake up Sessions – John Legend & the Roots – the ORIGINALS

While i am here on vacation in Asia i am getting more eager to hear this album when it comes out on Sept 21st by two of my most favoured artists, it must be quite a spiritual album – an album of protest songs and a true soulful gem, just telling from the titles they picked to cover. Must be a lot of Questlove involved in the crative process here, just telling from their picks. Reminds me of Questloves “Babies making Babies” compilation on BBE records. The Golden tunes on “Wake Up Sessions” are ranging from Marvins “Wholy Holy” to Donny Hathaways “Little Ghetto Boy” to Ernie Hines genius “Our Generation” which i guess was also picked for Pete Rock & C.L. Smooths take on it (sampling). A turning point in hip hop and beatmaking in general and like CL said “you only get the credit where credit is due”. All these songs on the Wake Up Sessions deserve a lot of credit, for they appear to be timeless and def the right choice to cover in the combo of the Roots & Legend.  I compiled the originals, accordingly to their playlist to hype you up some more for their upcoming LP, so let me introduce you to all of the ORIGINALS which they are covering, beautiful songs, timeless classics, some forgotten, some absolutely introuvables (on vinyl and in europe at least) but all all have one thing in common: It is soul music with a soul.  These tunes took me quite some time to dig up, back in the day of physical diggin. One tune in particular “Love the way it should be” was new to me and with “Compared to what” i wasnt quite sure which one they meant to cover, Roberta Flack or the much more popular Della Reeves version. But if you want it to be a spiritual album with soul, you got to have Roberta on it. So here you go. Enjoy this fine, uplifting music. Soul music with a soul

The tracklist for the new ROOTS / JOHN LEGEND Soul Cover Album coming out on September 21st, Here is the tracklist with the original songs instead of the cover versions. Enjoy this music for it is “Simply beautiful”.

Wake up Sessions – by John Legend & the Roots – the ORIGINALS by YUM YUM

1. “Compared To What” by Roberta Flack I think they intended to cover her and not Della Reeves. Just bc she is right up there with Donny
2. “Hard Times” – by Baby Huey No denying this tune. Only own a reissue of the original album.
3. “Little Ghetto Boy” – by Donny Hathaway There is nothing that can be said about this tune, that you do not feel when listening to it. + its Donny
4. “Wake Up Everybody” – by Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes Still addressing todays issues.
5. “Our Generation” – by Ernie Hines Has been my favourite song for a long, long time. “In Vietnam – straight it out”. No different to the BS going on today. But i guess it was also handpicked for Pete Rock & CL sampling that tune and the impact they have created with “Straight it out”. They have unknowingly influnced a whole generation. So i have to include this one as 5a) “Straighten It Out” – Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
6. “Humanity (Love the way it should be)” – by Prince Lincoln The only hard one to guess. Listening to it, it fits right in here perfectly. But a truly beautiful album by Prince Lincoln.
7. “Hang On In There Baby” – by Johnny Bristol Sheer Beauty. Also fits right in with Legends vocals. (or Mike James Kirkland?)
8. “I cant write left handed” – by Bill Withers – Listen and understand, why its on here.
9. “Wholy Holy” – by Marvin Gaye – Marvin
10. “I wish i knew how it would feel to be free” – by Nina Simone – Another one of my favourites.
11. “Shine” the only original track that is not covered

To Wake up also has a deeper meaning like all things do. To put it into CLs words “The Funk legacy we pass on… everytime we sample all the past time breaks”. And that Legacy is still a 100% valid today. Go live in the NOW, be right here, right now