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This Saturday: Ingolstadt meets YUM YUM

This Saturday: Ingolstadt meets YUM YUM
Saturday, Sep 25th
Maki, Ingolstadt (via Google Maps)
Not FX // D-Nice!
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With summer gone, at least in our calendars, there’s more time for partying. For those who still need more warmth, YUM YUM this saturday at the Maki is just the right thing. The DJ booth is filled with love and talented guys. Not FX & D-Nice from Munich, already known for their legendary nights, will make sure that we have a blast. So stop by and enjoy the saturday night with us.

[haiku url=”http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Janelle-Monae-Cold-War.mp3″ title=”Janelle Monae – Cold War” graphical=”true”]

Janelle Monae – Cold War

This Thursday TOP FRIEND Party with Ben Mono & Not.Fx

Nach langer Zeit und gerade rechtzeitig zum Vor-Frühling kehrt unser Freund Ben Mono (Compost Records) aus dem Berliner Exil heim in den grünen Club im Keller und bringt zusammen mit All-Time TOP FRIEND Not.Fx den Dancefloor zum leuchten und die Beine zum tanzen. Freuen wir uns auf literweise russische Apfelschorle, feierbare Cross-Genre elektronische Tanzmusik, Party-Keller Get Together und TOP FRIEND SOUND.

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Auf einen gemeinsamen Welcome-Wodka an der Kasse freuen sich Hannah, Paul, Thomas, Ömmi und Dani O.

Listen to: Zort Mambo Poa (Ben Mono Remix)

PS: Nächstes TF Date ist der 25. März – WeSC presents Nhan Solo & Schu

YUM YUM Innsbruck this Saturday

Guess what!
This Saturday the penultimate YUM YUM party in Innsbruck before the big summer break goes off!
Starring DJs of this week will be our known host DJ Fu (Wax Wreckaz) and our dear friend Not:FX from Munich.
Both of ’em gonna support your good mood with danceable party vibes.
We’d be happy to see all of you on Saturday at the Blue Chip Club!

Please RSVP to the event on Facebook and join the YUM YUM Innsbruck group.

Check out one of our favorite music clips right now:

YUM YUM Ingolstadt this Saturday @ Maki

Happy New YUM YUM!
Two premieres at the same time in 2010: first time YUM YUM in this beautiful new year and first time ever DJ Passion at the Maki Club.
Passion being part of DJ & producer team Bass Ill Euro, together with Schowi (Massive Töne), and expert in matter of bass is travelling the western hemisphere all year long.
This time teaming up with all-time favorite Not FX, representing the remaining YUM YUM sound spectrum!
Big Time!

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Chromemusic Party “Bloggers Delight” this Saturday in Munich


We came up with this just a couple of hours ago – literally – we had been planning on doing this party for some time now, it was just lacking opportunities and good spots and/or proper sound systems. THIS venue is off the hook – amazing spot in the middle of all Munich based operations @Müllerstr 3 right behind Cafe King, in an old renovated & soundproofed Yoga Loft.Its gonna be open for 4 weeks only before they tear down the building. So enjoy these 4 weeks in the L.O.F.T.

Its gonna be on this Saturday. Here is a google map of how to get there BUT hey you ought to know Cafe King right? The entrance is up the stairs, but we’ll hook up some flashy lights for ya’all to see.

DJs will be: Chrome, Not:fx, Superrookie & Max Mausser. This what we all have been waiting for : finally another venue – which is next to Gaertnerplatz, ever since Registratur closed down and cafe King is due to close down by January 30th. So enjoy the time while it lasts.

You are gonna see some party pics next week and see what i mean. Its the perfect weekend, still holidays and everyone’s officially back to work next monday and not a single noteworthy party coming our way. So see you Saturday

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