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NYE Ticket Information

Since people got confused about the whole ticket situation on NYE here is a full explanation. Tickets are available via our partnershops as mentioned in our Blogposts and since we moved to Puerto Giesing all official Puertio Giesing tickets are valid for YUM YUM aswell. Here you have a complete List of our Partnershops:

874, Eisenmannstr. 2 (http://bit.ly/dI2Txt)
WESC Store, Fürstenfelderstr. 12 (http://bit.ly/g8quZV)

Chicas, Am Schützeneck 3 (http://bit.ly/fFQRPf)

Amen, Corneliusstr. 1 (http://bit.ly/fmVY2l)

More Tickets at these fine stores:
Meschugge 54, Türkenstraße 54 (http://bit.ly/e5FmNP)

Schwabing/Münchner Freiheit
Carhartt Store, Münchner Freiheit 2 (http://bit.ly/hu9uaU)

Glockenback Viertel

Soda, Rumfordstr. 3 (http://bit.ly/gP2xDF)

Official Puerto Giesing Ticktets available here (also valid for YUM YUM NYE):

Schwabing / Maxv.

Meschugge 54 http://bit.ly/fYB6Hx
Cans & Co (http://bit.ly/fWFSDk)
Carhatt Store Munich (http://bit.ly/fZFhsK)


Ruby Store (http://bit.ly/fJ9McX)
Amen (http://bit.ly/fr8e8h)
Optimal (http://bit.ly/gexhaO)
Soda, Rumfordstr. 3 (http://bit.ly/gP2xDF)


Stella (http://bit.ly/i5BGMb)
874 (http://bit.ly/e7zxU6)
Gross (http://bit.ly/eJD1Gh)
WESC Store, Fürstenfelderstr. 12 (http://bit.ly/g8quZV)


Parke 6 / Herrenabteilung (http://bit.ly/dJcis8)
Cafe Kubitschek (http://bit.ly/gFdDpn)
Kongress Bar (http://bit.ly/h3bE1K)


Café Schau ma moi (http://bit.ly/gUPjEn)
Abbey Road – (its not on fucking google)


Valentinsstüberl (http://bit.ly/erWZKH)
Bavarese (http://bit.ly/igd42r)


Chiccas (http://bit.ly/hXC9Vs)

If you are from outside of Munich you can get the tickets online via Nachtagenten: http://www.nachtagenten.de/event/ticket/31.12.2010/puerto-giesing/one-nation-under-a-viertel.174667.html

this Sat last YUM YUM @ Puerto G, Munich + new free Mixtapes & back in the “Viertel” for New Years Eve

Sat, November, 27th 2010
Puerto Giesing (via Google Maps)
Chrome // Max Mausser// Tand
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One last & final massive night ahead of us @ Puerto Giesing, the last and final YUM YUM night this Saturday. We had some great parties there, and the location had its pros and its many cons, but it was a gateway and a path we had to take to all the other new options that are on the horizon right now. Well where are we gonna go from here? Very simple – lets start with New Years Eve – the YUM YUM New Years Eve is gonna take place in, a mad, mad location in the heart of the city, which has never been opted for parties before, and is no more than a 2 min walk away from the old Registratur and really, really close to Gaertnerplatz. So we are back in the in the middle of the “Viertel“. SUPRISE!

The full on info will be online here next week and the NYE tickets are gonna be available from next week on (in our partner shops). So farewell Puerto Giesing and hello “Viertel”. Reunited with our former partners from the “Registratur” & our new companions and fam “Team from Hell”.

To celebrate all that we are handing out a few hundreds (!) new YUM YUM MixCds this Saturday, make sure to show up early and catch one. Will be online next Monday for dwnld. See you in a sec and really looking ffwd to this massive throwdown!! Enjoy this months soul gem and see you in a sec..


“Soul Sister” (chrome YUM YUM version) – Common & Allen Toussaint

PSPS Grab our new YUM YUM Mixtapes/CDs next week for free (as always) in our Partnershops:

::::Soda Books::::Planet Sports::::WeSC Shop::::Chicas Boardshop::::874 Shops::::