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[Masta Ace & MF Doom are] MA Doom “Son of Yvonne” Album

When these two greats team up you better listen up. Masta Ace sounds so retro on here, almost like on his first album on cold chillin, except he is more mellowed out, more lean back, grown up and Mf Doom provides the right soundtrack for Ace to take a walk down memory lane. Enjoy this proper Hip Hop Album, with that touch of New York City nostalgia and realness or honesty, thats so often lacking. No glittery crap here, soulful beats meet a man who looks so old school these days when riding the boom bap buffalo and seems to shine more the older he gets. Get MA Doom “Son of Yvonne” right here.

ps Masta Ace was one of my absolute favourite Mcs every since he first appeared on the scene on Marley Marls “In Control Vol 2” which featured the Original Juice Crew, who were the blueprint for the Wu-Tang Clan only a few years later. His first solo album “Take a look around” was heard at every Acid Jazz Party and he was THE Mc in a mostly british & japanese dominated jazz scene that went on to shape a decade. In 1993 his album Slaughterhouse was the moral highground in Hip Hop and a voice of reason, sarcasm and intelligence in a scene that got its first wave of  clownish “Bitch and Gangsta” behaviour, he called it back then – if its fake its fake. A true head and a pioneer. I salute you Duvall Clear

3 tunes of the top of my head, although almost everyone is a gem


Ninteen Seventy Something


Me and My Gang


I Did It