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The Geek x Vrv – Happy [Free Download]

Need a Dose of Happiness? The Geek x Vrv have released a new instrumental that gives you a good dose of Happiness right away. It’s the first single of their BTOS Series and we’re looking forward for more to come. Last year, we’ve had their song “Origami” here on ChromeMusic. The Free Download isn’t working right now, but i suppose they are going to fix it soonish!

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The Chainsmokers – Paris [Video]

Alex and Drew alias The Chainsmokers created an uplifting new earworm and i especially like the video esthetics here. This song is bound to be huge and already has awesome 11M views on Youtube in just three days! This is what they’ve said about their latest release:

The song is actually about something very personal. Its about a friend of ours who struggled with a serious addiction and over the course of this lived in this fantasy world with his GF thinking life was great and they were just down for each other thinking they were living in this wonderful day dream of a life but in reality their lives were falling apart as well as the people around them. But the song in a more general sense is about those times when you are one place in one situation but imagine you are somewhere else. Like those times you were laying in bed staring at the ceiling dreaming up a different situation. If you notice lyrically it jumps between Paris, and a small town…

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Møme & Midnight To Monaco – Alive [Music Video]

The paris based artist Møme once again delivers an incredible good song + a perfect fitting video. He continues his journey after the big success with his song “Aloha” earlier this summer. Both singles are part of his upcoming debut album “Panorama” hitting the stores on Nov 25. Until then, have fun watching the video above and have a great day out there.

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Dj Soak – Run Away Ft Anderson .Paak (NEUS Remix)

DD37xaT - Imgur

Parisian producer NEUS with a remix we’ve instandly liked cause of his distinctive style of revisioning an original song and making it unique in any kind of way. It’s quite a while since we’ve posted some of his remixes here on CM and it seems that he’s getting better and better from time to time. Keep it up Gael!

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AaRON – Blouson Noir


The parisian duo Aaron with the debut single of their upcoming third studio album ‘We Cut The Night’. You can listen to ‘Blouson Noir’ beneath the quote.

Because we’re nothing, leftovers.
Because we are tumbleweeds on roads.
Because we are every lost, dashing, shadow.
Because we’re poems on sidewalks.
Because you are the needle in my arm.
We are equals. We are mirrors. We cut the night.

Now Playing Magazine

‘Now Playing Magazine’ was formerly known as an printed magazine, focused on entertainment including movies, television, music etc. Nowadays you can find it here, in the world wide web, based in paris and focusing on new music from different genres. Visit the Blog over here. It’s not astonishing that they also have a bandcamp account, promoting artists with their new music. I picked my favourites to share it with all of you. It’s also possible to listen and download the whole 11-track album beneath. Enjoy !


Jamie Woon – Blue Truth


James Vincent McMorrow – If I Had A Boat


Pigeon John – The Bomb