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Sade “Nothing can come between us” (Paul Nice edit)

A true sade classic got the Paul Nice remix treatment some time ago, or rather the Lummidee drums, but anyways this one been a favourite with us for a long, long time. I especially liked that he added that short audio clip in the beginning wih that guy singing a few lines from this tune, which is taken froma  DVD before her final concert in LA. Gracious! Even though there is always been a huge dispute in Europe if she can sing or not, in the states she is being reckognized as a true soul sister. Check her old works and go for that truly soulful and uplifting spirit.

I remember back in the day when you used to ask the hip hop headz who was their favourite singer  it would mostly be Sade and a few other exceptions, but everyone else was considered R&B. Not her! Her latest album wasn’t all that but Sade was a lot of inspiration especially in the 80ies.

So have fun with her classic tune: “Nothing can come between us” with a little additional drum edit by Paul Nice, taken from th bigegste 2003 riddem which name i have forgottten, as usual – lol. Enjoy


Sade – Nothing Can Come Between Us (Paul Nice edit)

Paul Nice Remixes

Paul Nice started out as a Producer and DJ in ther early 90ies and worked with almost every big name in Hip Hop at that time. Espacially worth mentioning is his long list of Remixes. Here are a two of my favourites


Grand Master Flash – The Message (Paul Nice Remix)


Sade – Cherish The Dre (Paul Nice Remix)