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Moving On (ft. Karra) by Sober Rob

Argueably the strongest track this week on the interwebs. I digs it too so here it is folks. @Zael – Here is one more push!

Here’s his track info:

Following his recent releases with Pham, Alexander Lewis, and Oshi, Sober Rob teams up with Karra to produce a song soaked in emotion with soaring vocals, rattling bass lines, and progressive synths. ‘Moving On’ showcases Rob’s ability to balance experimentation with accessibility, and this is the defining line that continues to tie his music together: it’s beautiful and comfortable at some points, dirty and unexpected at others. He builds it up slowly before he rips it apart, like dropping a house of cards into a paper shredder. By melding these two polar opposite elements together, ‘Moving On’ embodies a sound completely unique to Sober Rob.

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Pham – Movements feat. Yung Fusion (Delusion Remix)

wx2LO2g - Imgur

Brilliant remix debut by an artist nothing is known about so far, despite the fact that he’s connected to Majestic Casual somehow. We instandly loved this one and we’re really looking forward for more to come from Delusion.

Free Download: smarturl.it/delusion001
Get the Original: apple.co/1EEwyDj

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