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Tittsworth “WTF” Dj Wool Rmx ft Kid Sister, Pase

Damn just missed Glen last week, when he played at Registratur. Great guy to have 1 – 50 beers with. At least i can post his WTF rmx. From what he told me he mastered the entire Tittsworth album, but honestly i do not know if tahts true since i do not remember that much anymore. He moved to Berlin so i guess we are gonna be seeing more of him soon enough. Rmx is great – kicks the original tunes butt, just telling from the crowd reaction..



Vampire Weekend “The Kids don’t stand a chance” Chromeo Rmx

One of my favourite Rock tunes of the past year gets the royal remix treatment by mighty Chromeo. And this one works. Already tried it out.. So instead of kicking back like the original this ones straight for the floor, picking up the original melody and keeping the tempo at double time (where as i used to mix the original as a half tempo break before going back into 140 bpm). Another Bullseye for Chromeo.


vampire weekend “the kids dont stand a chance” (chromeo rmx)

New blends from Emynd

Our drinking buddy Emynd from Philly, who was playing in munich this september, has a series of edits he is putting out on his blog called lunch break beats. We think that these two blends right here suite perfect to our YUM YUM sound and that is why I already played both of them, together with DJ Anonymous, last friday and you guys seemed to like it. Emynd is really aspiring right now as he is constantly putting out new material and we are on the way to combine our forces. Check his blog crossfadedbacon.com for his latest material. More to come soon.


Rihanna – Disturbia (Emynd’s Finally Blend)


T-Pain – Believe It (Emynd’s Bookshelf Blend)