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Door #1: Playlist of Tommy Montana Remixes

Much can be said about Tommy and pretty much everything of it is positive and most of it is right. I always liked Tommy bc he was an observer and appeared to be the Silent Guy, that knew and exactly understood the musical Zeitgeist. When playing music he added his own touch and showed his love and appreciation for what he liked. Compromises for the dancefloor, sure no problemo, but the magic and beauty of the real art of deejaying is still being able to turn it out and give it your personal touch, spin and je ne sais quois.

I think i actually deejayed only once with Tommy before i hit the brakes with the wheels. But this entire observation of what Tommy is about, comes from a sheerly psychological perspective, that you learn while deejaying. You get that ‘look’ for people’s behaviour – rational, aware and completely zoomed out – that sounds prejudiced but ultimately is almost always a 100% spot on. Tommy is that guy and his own mixes speak for himself, and even when producing music, said quality comes shining right through.

Here he is with his very own productions. his own tasteful niche of sound, if you love soul & hip hop based beats for the floor, which are designed & produced by a tasteful dj for djs,. He was and still is part of the clique we had going called YUM YUM.  I bounced for a minute but some of the guys kept on growing and glowing.
You can literally play anyone of these tunes and you won’t go wrong. Even the songs he picked for remixing, reimagining are picked tastefully. Happy Door One with this one!


YUM YUM | Version Pack | Twenty – 13 | Out Now! [12 Track Compilation]

A) Our latest yum yum reworks, edits, remixes, mashups, blends etc in a big pack. Essential yy tunes for early 2013. Get it here via our chromemusic bandcamp page. ps 12 more tunes coming in march. Enjoy the pack so far!

B) And if you want to stay up to date on whats going on make sure to peep us on our new yum yum soundcloud page which we started 3 months ago and that started growing steadily without us making a sound. Thank you for that. We are very blessed.

Schlachthof Bronx Edits for free

In celebration of their 10k followers/fans on facebook my neighbours and overall good guys Schlachthof Bronx released a  set of some of their well known and great refixes as a free download. Useful and good produced material by Bene & Jakob, check it out and download your favourites – open a fine glass of Bourgeois de Brass Knuckles – LOL.  To at least another 10k fans more. Did we actually save money on the cab share from the airport last week?? hahaha. in a bit guys

a lil present by schlachthofbronx

Adele – Rolling in the deep Remixes

This tune seems to be everywhere right now – whether in all the clubs or in your mainstreem radio station, which is a good thing I guess. Since it was released about two months ago tons of remixes appeared and here you have a small selection of the most interessting ones to me so far


Adele – Rolling In The Deep (Jamie xx Remix) (Radio Rip)


Rolling In The Deep (Voodoo Farm Remix)

Adele-Rolling in the deep VillA Remix by VILLA Soundcloud


Adele – Rollin in the Deep (Souljackerz boot) FREE DOWNLOAD by Souljackerz