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nice seein Rich Medina after a decade!!!

thats Rich on the right side, whom i havent seen for a good ten years! the other man is impressive rap talent slash rapper slash fellow tech nerd, Cool-aide. Seriously not much i have to offer on this post but for those of you who have never heard of Rich, there is a soundbyte/video below and his various social connects. And i must say i have met a lot of positive people in my time and its always nice to reconnect with them – you always attract what you are. Rich has been busy as always – growing and glowing, and besides working with Q-tip and what not, his pride and joy is his little 2 year old kid who is getting all Joe Chambers on the drums, and daddy lets him use the cdjs (of course not the vinyl – still carrying that to the altar – lol)  @Richmedina – here is a tune i remixed/did some time back, just to keep updating each other from now.my man.


Chrome – ROCKIN ROBIN (YUM YUM version)

here is a video with Rich vibing with the music (i dont know if i did him just, just don’t have any of hsi enw msuic to put up – so you ll have to dig yourself on his myspace and website, enjoy this oen though)

show Rich some Love on ::::twitter::::myspace::::and his official website::::

dont bother connecting with him on facebook – (it says: this user has already too many friends – must be reaching the 5000 people limit – time to change to a facebook page Rich)