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a change is gonna come

…matter of fact we are full scale in the midst of a noticeable global change. like the taoists teachings say: the change is ongoing. get used to it, and thats thats how every species survived or evolved so far. this is what we wrote about change on chromemusic earlier this year. ps. i found this interesting website a few months back – World at Protest

here is a song by three of my all time favourite artist that always remind me to appreciate change


Sam Cooke – A Change is gonna come


Otis Redding – A change is gonna come


Aretha Franklin – A Change is gonna come

this video is just amusing. no need to get angry, just witness it all and enjoy. best youtube comment: ”

“Look at those silly peasants, Muffy” – Bring out the guillotine!”

some tunes for your playlist on your Xmas Xbox


i played all these tunes last saturday @ YUM YUM Berlin – full review coming soon. but seriously – just three quick tunes that you shouldnt miss out on, and you can add to your playlists, for those christmas days when you finally get a rest from all the crap and can kick back with some weed, a new video game or a good book. i’m going for all three of these plus some booze.

A Twelves mix of Yelle – can’t go wrong with that:


Yelle_”CeJeu “( the Twelves Remix)

Another soul classic get the no-brainer retreat by our man Maxey from Barcelona, not too lessen the mix – useful catch for all the soul lovers, espec since it samples the Sam Cooke live version (@Maxey useful Gem bro):


Cupid (Maxey & Fred Spider Edit)

And of course anything discoesque (is that a word?) with a Passion Pit sample goes, somewhat tired of Disco these days, but hey a good tunes a good tune and this is a fine mix by my favourites Hey Champ – these guys always deliver the goods (ps @Hey Champ – you should have seen the crowd reaction last time i dropped this):



this is how my sundays sound pt X


and this is what it looks like, a burning hot morning in vienna, after a destructive saturday night. enjoy these fine tunes.


Begging My Weakness – Wake the Hero


Aberfeldy – Summer’s gone


a change is gonna come (sam cooke cover) – ben sollee

Fidelity and Summertime

While on the road or in the sun for four months last year, and actually even longer if i count all the many weeks travelling in between and coming back here, there were a couple of songs which i kept on listening to on repeat. Since i feel my insides longing to live in another place, with it being so cold and dark here, these tracks come back to mind and are a steady companion at all times.

One was Regina Spektors – Fidelity.

heres the audio version: fidelity_regina spektor


the other one was: sam-cooke-summertime . i had this song on my headphones till all of south-east-asia got tired of hearing it.


2 old sayings comes to mind when i hear these songs:

“The cave you fear to enter, holds the treasure you seek.” & “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”