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Bobby Bland – Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City (scratchandsniff re-rub)

Bobby Bland – Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City (scratchandsniff re-rub) by scratchandsniff

That songs truer then ever, the old authorities are (finally) failing and they are clinging on to something thats practically never been existent, they just succeeded by making people believe in it, and now that the illusions are becoming more and more visible to everyone, and less and less people still believe in that order of things, or even in their propsed new order, there is less and less love in the hearts of the many man-built Babylons. Everythings constantly changing, that has always been a good thing, and thats why we have to help ourselves and nobody else. Not wait for a sign from above or sit and hope for anyone else to do it. When you lose fear, you will see that a single light can can dissolve all illusion. Be mindful and have understanding for yourself and each other. The worlds changing and people will always be people, not the many illusions that let us fear others. See what is, and dont be mislead by your preconceived notions. Thats your ‘crazy’ talking, and thats why “Everything is see, everything is me!”Create a good inside and the external will follow. Enjoy this song.

Grab the wav here (via the scratch n sniff blog)

Otis Redding – Try a little Tenderness (the original to Jigga & Kanyes Otis single)

While everyone is still knocking Jay-z & Kanye for how bad their, this weeks released, album “The Throne” is for a list of various reasons – here is one that Chuck D brought fwd – i still cant get over how awesome their sample for their lead single “Otis” is. Not a song to dance to, even though people go mental when you play it, doesnt look anything like dancing though, i think its brave enough and in the vein of the old fashioned hip hop to use a sample as soulful as this for a heavily promoted hiphop track, thats meant to go chartland and – no i dont care what they are saying and how much they are bragging about stuff. i stopped paying attention to hip hop vocals a long time ago. I picked better Mantras for me, no but THE SAMPLE is AWESOME. uhmm… i mean this SONG is AWESOME!


Otis Redding – Try a little Tenderness

Watch the Throne: Website /Facebook / on chromemusic

Lyn Charles – Now I’m Living (Ft. Freeway)

A guy named Scott Sheldon sent us this tune a few weeks ago, maybe Lyn Charles himslef? or one of his compadres? Anyways, sick piano sample, nice horn lick, great chilled out vocal hook and an overall nice vibe to this fine piece of hiphop. Cannot recognize the sample and thats a rarity these days. I came across a lot of good hip hop songs these days. Same goes for rock/pop/indie/folk songs. Somehow anything that doesnt sound like its manufactured sheerly for mass consumption or that tastes too artificial. Its the genral feel that its turning toward live, organic, self made, music.. like Marvin said: “It’s music, pure and simple”. Thank you internets.

***ps whats that picture got to do with the tune? you go figure it out! me? i’m too busy being an eccentric over here

Now I’m Living (Ft. Freeway) by Lyn Charles

If you like this tune check out Lyn Charles & his other tracks on Soundcloud and make sure to drop him a line.