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PSA: ChromeMusic Radio Show @EgoFM Every Saturday Night 9 to 11pm

We are really, really happy to announce our new weekly ChromeMusic Radio Show starting today saturday september 12th on South Germany’s & Munich’s local radio station EgoFM. Airtime will be from 9pm to 11pm  every saturday night. This collaboration was meant to be, since EgoFM popped up some years ago and started doing exactly the same on the radio as we have been doing on this music blog ever since we first started in 2004: Searching the almighty interweb for new music, new talents and share it with everyone on this planet (or at least the ones who follow us:).

We will focus mostly on the new predominant styles of music, mainly new Beatmakers & modern Electronics, Tropical, and homegrown productions, which mostly tend to be Deep House and simply Organic Grooves, as we have always done. But mostly of all we will try to diffuse the beautiful music that’s out there and that’s all around us and bring it to the light (or radio show ;) And our most sincere intention, is to give you a weekly soundtrack of positive new tunes and uplifting sound waves to have you dancing and grooving along. And maybe, just maybe you will get to hear a tune that will have your heart singing!

Now that you know our mission, here’s another Goodie for you! You will find the Mix every Monday on ChromeMusic and we hope that sounds like a good way to your week;)

We are enthusiastically looking forward to this overdue marriage and invite all of you to give our ChromeMusic Show a listen on EgoFM. Follow the link to see what EgoFM said about this new collaboration (for german speaking folks or google translators only ;)

More info this monday! Expect a continuous mix every saturday night from now on. Tune in and join the celebration!

egoFM Homepage ::: Facebook

YUM YUM this Saturday, July 24th in Munich

Saturday, Jul 24th
Puerto Giesing, Munich (via Google Maps)
Chrome // Tand Williams //
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After having put a lot of effort into the location last time, we are here to have our first night without some Football/ World Cup interference. Really looking fwd to playing with my main man this Saturday. As you can see by the sheer amount of new posts, we have lots of great new music to offer and i am really looking ffwd to a new massive dance this Saturday. Like Tand said Summers in full effect and so are we – A massive night coming to you this Saturday.


“I need a Dollar”(chrome remix) YUM YUM version