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YUM YUM x Exploited @ Picknick / Berlin this Saturday

YUM YUM Berlin September 2011

After a great party together with LesMads in June we will have another feature with our friends from Exploited Records at Picknick this weekend. Two of our friends from Munich named Cocolores (signed by Exploited) will have their massive Record Release Party that eve.
The whole thing is gonna happen on two different floors + live convert by Laing.

Here is the floor list:

  • YUM YUM: Laing (Live!), Schowi (Bass Ill Euro, YUM YUM), Chrome (YUM YUM, Chromemusic), Paline Power (MTV Home, YUM YUM) & Irving Jr. (YUM YUM, Topfriend)
  • Exploited Records: Cocolores (Exploited), Shir Khan (Exploited), Michelle Owen (Dirt Crew/Lost My Dog) & Jack Tennis (Berlin Battery)

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Here is how to find your way to Picknick via gmaps.

★★★★★ recap: YUM YUM Sommerfest Video

Here is our video recap of last weekends YUM YUM Sommerfest. Almost all our Djs & peoples came together to play music with each other, have a drink too much, celebrate the remaining days of summer, come together as the family we are and enjoy life as we always do. It was a marvelous night to say the least and we will do this more often.

Thanks to: everybody at chromemusic, Max Mausser, Schowi, Tand Williams, Palina Power, D-Nice, Irving Jr, Caro, Coco, Tipura, the Girls @ Chicas, Katha, Lü & Omid & Idris, Gökhan, Taran & Suhur, Danny & everybody @ Bklyn, Andre, Andi, Roland, Deneb, Row, Jane, Angelika, Sara, Jesse and everybody else involved in YUM YUM. way too many to mention.

The video is done by our friends & close YUM YUM affiliates Haze, who will be working with us much more in the near future. Hope you like the video as much as i do.

PS there is a 2nd video coming in the next few days if we have enough good material left. song by jai paul

YUM YUM Sommerfest this Friday July 29th @Muffatgelände/ Munich

YUM YUM Sommerfest

This will be a Massive dance on Friday. It has been some time now and now we are officially bringing all of our Friends, buddies, common enthusiasts together. Also our new chromemusic redesign will go online that very night with a 100 new features(!) Trust me, you are gonna like the new chromemusic design.

This Friday is gonna be a massive night, with us having our first official Sommerfest in 2 years (!) and its happening on 3 floors + a nice outdoor area, with YUM YUM Djs + crew from all over Germany (Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Nrw, Cologne, 2 of our people form Vienna and so on..). Also the CHICAS Sommerfest is happening at Ampere and we have been friends for many a years as well as BKLYN happening in the Outdoor area, who we have been friends with for as long as i can remember and they are part of our crew. This is such a lovely thing to happen and well in my opinion a massive dance i have waited for, for quite some time now. Here is the full floor list:

  • YUM YUM Munich @ Muffathalle (halfsize): Chrome, Max Mausser & D-Nice.
  • YUM YUM Berlin @ Cafe: Schowi (YY Berlin/Bass Ill Euro), Palina Power (YY Berlin, MTV Home), Irving Jr (YY Berlin, Top Friend)  & Schu (Ya-ha, Blumentopf)
  • CHICAS Sommerfest @ Ampere: Tand Williams (YY Cologne/Nrw), Tipura (YY Stuttgart), NotFx (YY Muc/ Crux)
  • BKLYN @ Outdoor Area: Danny & Ana de Mier (the soulful outdoors)
  • all Visuals by Doublevisions, the entire area are by my buddies, the very talented Gene & Chris.

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PSPSPS!! new YUM YUM TeaserMixtape coming this Thursday, and until then have fun with our brandnew Sweet Serenade mix.

Here is how to get to Muffatgelände via gmaps

+ i was about to post some music, but well this entire website should speak for itself with all the music on it. thats what we play at YUM YUM throughout the lands and you know that, and we actually supply at least half the djs & parties i know with the music material. so here is a photo from our last Sommerfest instead.

YUM YUM X Les Mads at Picknick, Berlin

After a few months break YUM YUM Berlin is coming back to Picknick with a nice cooperation together with Germany’s big fashion blog Les Mads.

The party itself will have some big live acts as well as a bunch of YUM YUM DJs featuring our dearest Schowi, Palina Power, Jack Tennis & Irving Jr.

Live acts will be as follows:
POSH! The Prince (Haus of Gaga) who has been touring the world together with Lady Gaga for the last one and a half years and is one of the most colourful and talented flamboyant personalities out there.

Here’s a little preview:

Max Skiba, a “very good young Polish producer” from Warsaw and…

Candyblasta from London who just recorded their new album in Berlin (lucky for us) and plan to get the dancefloor burning.

So please RSVP to the event, find us via online map and look forward to Saturday!

P.S.: YUM YUM Berlin will start off as a regular again from September on!

YUM YUM Freiburg Opening this Saturday

Freiburg April 2011
April 30th 2011
Waldsee (via Google Maps)
Schowi // D-Nice // Funkmessiah!
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You got it right folks. This Saturday we’re having a big Opening Party to celebrate at the Waldsee-Gaststätten in Freiburg.
Being one of the nicest cities in the south it was time to reach all you people there and dance to nice tunes together. So this Saturday is the time to be at the Waldsee and to enjoy happy tunes and good atmosphere together with our guys Schowi (Bass Ill Euro/Berlin/Stuttgart), pretty boy D-Nice (München) and local hero Funkmessiah.

Everyone is looking forward and getting mooded up for the weekend…weather looks nice too!

Xaphoon Jones – The Jackson Pit

Dj Klevers playing in munich w Schowi on Sat Feb 12th @ the Air & Style Afterparty

Klevers playing in Munich, gonna be mayhem anyways, at the Official Air & Style afterparty, and as if this wasnt enough he is teaming up with one of our main YUM YUM folks, Schowi, to deliver a one of a kind night on Sat Feb 12th. If you havent heard of Klever yet, on this side of the atlantic, well be in for a treat, the mans almost like one of our people, and as his & our buddy Hannibal so eloquently put it: “he blows my mind every time!”. Our man Creathief is the one who will bring him through, the other date in germany will be in Frankfurt on Feb 11th @Cocoon.

Klevers history is story best read by yourself, but it goes deep and he is another member of the infamous Allies crew, that also included A-trak & dj Craze, so you know where this will be going musically.

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Get your online Tickets here and make sure not to miss this fella!

I have included a video in this post, a remix by Klever and 2 older mixtapes that i found online. Have fun with it and make sure to chekc the man out, muiscal boundaries will be nonexistent and the whole Snowboard Worldchampionship Air&Style will provide more than enough party hungry folks in for some serious sound-bashing. Be in for a treat

PS. this whole thing a part of a 3 stop tour de force party in munich, starting on SUN Ispo Party Feb 6th @ Location unknown, then THUR Feb 10th @Crux the official Air & Style warmup party, and finishing off with a grand finale on SAT feb 12th @ Ex Schrannenhalle with Klever & Schowi.


Dj Klever – Carpe Mixxx (39:40 s/m)


All the girls around the worls (( Klever So So Death Remix ))