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9 Theory – Beautiful Things EP

9 theory chromemusic

Do you remember the last time you’ve been in nature realising how beautiful this planet we are living on can be? This moment when your mind is still and you just feel blessed without any judgement, needs or desires. Whatever this might be for you – watching your child eating ice cream, the taste of good food or the glitter on water if the sun light crashes on it – aprreciate it and be grateful. Even if it’s just a minute. Stop your mind and make sure to take care of mother earth and all the beautiful things you are surrounded by each and every day. 9 Theory finally released his EP called ‘Beautiful Things’ and it’s the perfect soundtrack for that kind of moments of pure stillness and gratefulness.

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AOSOON – ‘What is this about’ – NEW EP (FREE DL)

When we first wrote about AOSOON we were not sure if the follow up of there EP “What Is this about” would continue and go on to top ‘Skinny Strong’ the duos first single. The pair were able to do just that giving us 3 consecutively amazing songs each with there styles showing the bands versatility and musical genius. Our new favourite “Under” a blissful trance of beautiful guitar melodies captivating lyrics and the sweet vocals of marisa takes you into a whole new world where nothing matters, a great place to leave any baggage you might be carrying behind. Ghost is a haunting but fascinating track lead by a well crafted drum pattern the lyrics are bold and right to the point giving us a deeper insight into where the duo are coming from, the last minute of the track ghost leads us into a spacious room of nothing but good instrumental giving the listener to chance to almost lose themselves in the music. Both Under and Ghost are amazing tracks in there own rights and to choose one over the other just wouldn’t be right there is definitely as song in this EP for all occasions. Theres no doubt in our minds that the duo won’t go on to do more amazing things there definitely on to something.

The whole 4 Track EP:

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