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Free Download! Skizzy Mars – Changes (LÈON – Tired Of Talking Remix)

“Life in common among people who love each other is the ideal of happiness”
-George Sand

This is definitely a piece of genius. Can’t stop listening…it pretty much sums up love & life from 22 year old rapper Skizzy Mars’ perspective mixed with the sweet but ‘tired of talking’ voice from swedish songbird LÈON. The production by Michael Keenan is state of the art.

Free Download: http://bit.ly/1K11kpV
And if you like to follow the Lyrics while listening, there you go: http://bit.ly/1g57gWZ

Skizzy Mars on Soundcloud ::: Facebook
LÈON on Soundcloud ::: Facebook

Oh Wonder – Heart Hope

London based singer & songwriter duo Oh Wonder are going to release their debut album tomorrow friday September 4th, after releasing one song per month for the last year. Their highly anticipated sold out first live show is going down in London on September 16th. We love this kind of calm and peaceful music.

How To Waste A Moment by James Vincent McMorrow

Brilliant new offering by JVMcM. Has to be one of my favourite songs at present! Here is what he had to say about it:
“Wasted moments. We had a lot of them. Even though I believe I’ve done the right thing at the time, when I look back I realize I actually made my life a lot more difficult. Not an uncommon tale. I rarely learn anything from the mistakes, in fact if I went back I’d probably do the same stuff all over again.

But I am trying. I’m trying to be better, and more honest. I was thinking about those wasted moments one night while I was working on my next record. I started writing this song, finished it in front of my drum kit the next day. I already had all my songs for the new record, this felt like something different, born out of the same ideas but for different reasons.

I recorded it with tempo because life to me is tempo, it’s rarely slow. This song is the connect from where I was, to where I’m going to be very soon.”

WIN! This Band Is Bound To Be Huge! Lions Head – Begging

begging lions head ChromeMusic

Pretty much everything i want in a song! Ever since i heard this song, i had it on heavy rotation on my devices and on my mind. In other words: I – am – hooked! The perfect soundtrack for your… everything. Lions Head is bound to be huge, in no time at all, and not only according to the brilliant tropical remixes that are currently floating around! Hell yeah, this is my favourite summer anthem (so far)!

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PS They just announced their first ever tour with just one song under their belt! Via LichtdichtBooking, they guys behind Milky Chance.

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Kafka Tamura – No Hope (Winterkind Remix)

kafka tamura winterkind remix chromemusic

The Kafka Tamura identity is clearly as resonant on stage as it is on record, with Emma’s voice carefully weaving between sharp beats and raw electronics.

Well often all it takes is a remix to get noted in the digital world. I never heard of Kafka Tamura before, but i am sure to check them out now, since this remix delivers all the right emotional feels & state of the art production that i am looking for in music nowadays. The original song is a beautiful tune, but in the world of streams, notifications, nanoseconds ADD audiences i guess this ‘compressed’ remix is all it takes for me to a) want to know about a band and b) want to see them live. Right in the feels man (ooompph) and surely much appreciated here at ChromeMusic. Cop it via iTunes or follow the band via the links below… Ps i sure hope this is just a start.

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Fair share of applause for the remixer: Winterkind on Soundcloud // Facebook