Tag: soul trap

Breda – Experience (ft. Olivia Louise)

If this track is any indication of where Breda is going there’s gonna be babies made to their sound. Yes, it’s that good! If you wanna go all technical, Riverside Studio, on them, than there is some wiggle room for improvement, mostly in the arrangement on the songwriting or compositional side and a bit on the sheer production side. But and this is a huge but, almost like that butt in that ancient Sir Mix a lot video ;), the atmosphere is there from the start and throughout, and this is the most important part of music in general and where most young cats fail : they rarely match the mood or vibe that’s demanded by the melody or the vocals, which are by the way fantastically laced by Ms Olivia Louise. Seems like this entire production was made for her vocals and not the producers egos. Somebody put work, effort, thought and feeling into this one!

Sounds like a state of the art (Us & Uk) production that has the charme of a 90’s girlie R&B vibe that reminds me of Brandy and the likes while showing some skill and depth on the production side, while still transporting some heavy feels. Great effort and had it on repeat for a whole bunch of days… pretty rare in these digital days...

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