Tag: soul

Reasons by BentleyHendrixx 

This is heavy. Had this tune stuck on bloody repeat for the longest – need to pass it on to my gamer friends and the industry. This one brings the weight on anybody w/o ever being pretentious or acting awkward. This IS and feels REAL and after the first spin u’ll see how lit it really is! Will go down very well with the heads at Blackout and the likes. Should and will be a prime timer all over.
Mr understatement on this track really is Savage AF!

Use Me by Dominique

After seeing the cover i almost shied away from this tune, but what’s inside is a complete song, while the pic promises something different this tune will go down very very smooth ;)

State of the art, even with the double time claps. Well done Dominique.

Good Morning by GEO

Very solid first track by newcomer GEO, reminiscent of recent funk soul beatmakers, FKJ come to mind, but this style has a much longer history. Happy to hear it resurface more and more. Good effort. Oi!

River – Worry (feat. Osmo)

Strong chill track from the La Belle Musique camp. Since YouTube is getting sanier and sanier, and the plays are decreasing uncontrollably seems like every channel is becoming a label these days. Does not make too much sense if you ask me, but it’s an opportunity to snatch talent that offers itself to these channels for exposure. I think La Belle M is a bit different, they have always held on to their unique style, that is super conform with our blogs taste. They have their look and are faring well as i can tell, this track that they released is just another proof that they are doing well and are headed the right way.