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Starter Djs planing their European Tour – get in touch

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Calling out across the lands: These guys are constantly supplying the blog world with remixes and upgraded versions of tunes 360. Good man and overall twitter maniac Young Live asked us to put this up and pass it on to our peoples everywhere. Read for yourself and make sure to get them a date in your city, we surely will. cheers Chrome.


We (The Starters) are in the midst of planning a European mini-tour. We are reaching out to you in hopes that we could have something solidly planned for a date in the spring.
They are exclusively releasing a mix for close connections internationally entitled “Around The World in 32 Songs”. It is an energetic ride that takes you through music from the latest talent from all over the globe.
Over the past year of their careers, The Starters’ talents have gained them the privilidge of performing and working with many of todays international stars. They have graced the stage and/or worked on projects with such artists as Lady Sovereign (UK), Adam Tensta (SE), Sneaky Sound System (AU), N.A.S.A | DJ Zegon (BR), Sinden (UK) and more.

Starters Music on Blogs


http://hypem.com/#/search/young live remix/1/

Starters Dj’s – Dont Be Scared Mix (2009) – Exclusively Released with Frank151.com

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Official Starter Djs album drops! Download right here, right now!


Our friends across the ocean, the Starter Djs just have released their Album “The Flavour” via the blog world, and i reckon this to be the only way to do it these days. This album release is in conjunction with chromemusic.de and we all hope you enjoy it very much – i ll leave the journalistic description of their style up to others who feel appointed to do so. i simply like what their doing and want to share it with you. below are 2 tracks for a quick eardrop and at the end of the tracklist is the download link for the full zip. i hope you enjoy their latest effort and show them some love on :

the Starter Djs on  myspace and Young Live (the producer) on twitter.


Cold Dust Girl – Hey Champ (Young Live Remix – Starters Dj’s)


Jdp- Release- (Young-Live-Blackout-Remix)

its time these guys had some recognition on our side of the Atlantic.

here are some of their previously posted tracks.


***Download the Starters-Djs-“the-Flavor”-Official-remix-Album ***


1) Hey Champ – Cold Dust Girl (Starters Dj’s Remix)
2) Chester French – She Loves Everybody (Young Live Remix)
3) Hollywood Holt – Hollywood (Young Live Murder Remix)
4) Wiz Khalifa – Make it Hot (Young Live Electric Fire Remix)
5) Bullet – Mr. Robotic (Starters Dj’s Magnet Remix)
6) Donnis – Party Works (Young Live Its Alive Remix)
7) JDP – Release (Young Live Blackout Remix)
8) Kid Sister – Get Fresh (Starters Dj’s Remix)
9) Cool Kids – Action Figures (Starters Dj’s Voglio Solo ReMash)
10)Lady Sovereign – I Got You Dancing (The Starters Remix)