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Dance dance dance the remixes

Here are the three remixes of Lykke Li’s hit that I enjoyed the most. Make sure you keep yourself updated about Lykke Li before she gets into iPod commercials.


dance dance dance (buraka som sistema remix)


dance dance dance (grandtheft remix)


dance dance dance (the starters remix)

the Starters remix the Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Heads will roll”

The starters sent us this nice remix of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs last week – busy week but its online now. Everyon loves the YYYs – it would be outstanding if the Starters would provide better quality mp3s – 160 kbit for playing just won’t cut it and i know kids on all continents would drop most of your tunes – would be helpful guys – THIS ONE is a solid 320 mp3 so enjoy and make sure to play it out loud – . Anyways, huge big up to Chicago – for another quality starters remix.



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just…. dance

wow, i havent been listening to radio for the the last ten years or so, besides even owning one, except for the occasional taxi rides to a club or so – and amazingly enough i am even fed up with lady gagas tracks, they have been so much overpromoted that i prefer any ringtones (yes even the frog) over most of her music. and thats where the remixes come in to save the day – starters always come up with something nice.