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New Raphael Saadiq Album “Stone Rollin”


Day Dreams – Raphael Saadiq



Movin down the line – Raphael Saadiq

Here are 2 track from his brandnew album ” Stone Rollin”. Still sticking with the 6oies vibe he started on his previous album, this one sounds to me like the consequence of a new found sound that Mr Saadiq seems to prefer. This one is not really up my alley at first glance, but i know that the best songs and albums have to grow on you and we have a lot of Saadiq fans, just like myself, that have a lot of patience with RS after all the beutiful music he has deliverd throughout the years and we have been eagerly waiting for this one. Check it out for yourself via itunes

EDIT ***And just after having these two tunes on repeat for some 20 minutes i can assure you, these songs DO grow on you. Very mature, Mr RS!