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new YUM YUM in munich, this Friday@ Stroke02, art expo

YUM YUM Munich, this Friday May 28th @Ex Landeszentralbank – Tucherpark. during the Stroke02 exhibition. We have been away for 5 weeks and to many it seemed like months. But this Friday ist just the start, YUM YUM will come back on a regular basis – at least for a few months – @ the now halfway legal location Puerto Giesing.

Anyways, this Fridays YUM YUM is gonna be a huge one – think last years YUM YUM Sommerfest @ Kongresshalle, in a location that was a former bank but looks more like a pyramid. You are gonna love it. Here is the entire lineup and crew:

Main floor will be run by Chrome, Max & Notfx, while the second floor (a really huge piece of dancefloor) will be run by our buddy Dj Beware & Solo from the Uk, making it a top friend floor. Also there is gonna be a live show by Lady Daisey (BBE Rec) before that. And there is even a third floor-slash-lounge and that ones just a cool relaxing floor with some smooth sounds by buddies Robin & Jojo. So this ones got it all..

RSVP to the party on facebook

Enough blah  Рthis one will be massive and we are really looking forward to playing the latest in YUM YUM tunes to you Рso see you friday

YUM YUM Munich this Saturday, last date @Ex Bmw Spot

After last times brilliant YUM YUM in Munich @ the ExBmw Spot on Dachauerstr 92, we have a final date here before the location becomes unavailable (and they make some globalized nonsense mall out of it). Everybody who came down early February knows exactly what i am talking about.
Come down & join us for the last YUM YUM Party @ this fabulous spot. RSVP to the party on Facebook and join the YUM YUM Munich group.
Djs will be Chrome, Max Mausser & Notfx with a way better lighting system and the latest in YUM YUM & chromemusic treats. The 2nd Area will have a warm up with some “Sweet Serenade” Sounds and after that the guys from Horses, Cars & Stars will take over this lovely bar area out of it. Even the guys from Stroke (Art Expo) who had such a magnificent exhibition there will say goodbye to the venue, with some artists from Stroke 2 who will have a live painting in the pre-rooms. Will be huge.

Get warmed up with this months YUM YUM top tunes (which had over 70 facebook shares!!!)