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Flausen ft. Ben Cocks – Fly Away For A Summer (Deep Chills Remix)

Ok, this weeks tune is definitely Deep Chills remix of Flausen’s “Fly away for a summer“! He gives the track another smooth relick and, hence the name, a lot of deep chills. I especially like the Klingande-like Synth part that just keeps on grooving and after his recent retake on Sonnengruss’ “Night & Day” has reached a cool Mio plays in 3 weeks and an official video is being shot right now and, and, and… The man is back to work, this time smoother, but i can see folks picking up on this tune everywhere. Just a smooth melodic relick of a tune that is already a chilled beast in disguise. I think Deep Chills new take and the original will both be huge this winter. This one sounds like a dramatic ‘summer’s gone” song that everyone in the western/northern hemisphere can relate to. I mean, just look outside your windows. Bottom line: Another huge winner by Deep Chills!

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So Much Win! Cajsa Siik – Higher (Lakechild Remix)

lakechild higher cajsa siik

This tune is gonna be huge! ChromeMusic has always been a fan of the original and Cajsa Siik’s music in general, but this rework that i have heard at 3 (!) different parties last weekend alone just kills it. Its catchy enough so that the mainstream can get on the bandwagon, and at the same time transports that summery good vibe feel that i am looking for in zeitgeisty music. Pure bliss and sonic remedy in the endless stream of new remixes, this one stands out bc it is a song by itself and that’s what i expect from a remix: To give it a different twist and feel, but still staying true to and respecting the original material. According to the amount this tune has been played in our office and on college radio already, we are gonna hear this one a lot this summer – and that’s a good thing!

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