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Nigel Hall – Gimme A Sign

Positive, warm and funky soul music by Nigel Hall on his self-titled debut album produced by Eric Krasno and released on his newly founded music label “Feel Music Group”. Eric is also known by his work as a producer for Norah Jones, 50 Cent, Talib Kweli, Justin Timberlake and many more. Nigel’s voice perfectly fits here and reminds me of  the good old soul from the 70s. This is exactly the type of positive music we’re in to – keep it up Nigel!

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YUM YUM Top 50 Tunes 2010

just in time for our huuuuge YUM YUM new years eve party, here are the selected 50 top tunes of 2010. i know we ignored a whole bunch of tunes, that we especially as YUM YUM or chromemusic helped make big in our lands or even make it to the peak positions. remember our buddy Stromae?, Ben L’oncle Soul? or that song about the italian that doesnt speak any american-english lol, and many more… but seriously its not like i can bear hearing any of these tunes anymore. the old media has just being overfeeding us with our very own stuff. so here is a list of tunes that we played in 2010, some like mayer hawthorne were even released in 09, but that didnt stop us from coining these tunes in 2010 and thats why they belong here (its just very few exceptions anways). Some mellow, some soulful, some exstatic and some simply beautiful. pretty much what makes up YUM YUM. we had & have an amazing time playing these. thx to all and everyone for making YUM YUM what it is, namely.. one love

ps. the YUM YUM Dj Top tunes coming next week. All our djs showcasing their very favourite tunes of 2010.


Cee Lo Green  “Fuck You” (chrome edit)


Florence and the Machine “Youve-Got-The-Love”HaHaHa-Remix


Ben L’oncle Soul – “Seven Nation Army




Zinc feat. Ms Dynamite – “Wile Out”


Damian Marley & Nas – “As We Enter


a few tunes, that i enjoy right now

and that fit this pic…

Valentins brother Dominik was the first one to send me this pic via facebook a month ago, then Valentin sent it to me, then Alexa, and then as soon as it was on reddit.com, the site that we love not only for this here… everybody sent me the pic, i mean like half my friends.. so there is something about this picture…

Here are a few tunes for the people i like… not new or anything, but good


Xavier Rudd – Time to smile


Olivia Chrestomanci – Crossroad Demon Blues


Cee Lo Green – Part Of Forever


Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings – Mama Don’t Like My Man