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Christmas Mixtapes by all the crews involved in the NYE Party

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All tracklists coming next monday!!!

YUM YUM mixtape:


YUM YUM _Sweet Serenade_ Vol 2

Horses, Cars & Stars Mixtape:


Dansetude Megamix by Manuel Kim (Gomma)

Bobble Mixtape:


FoxdevilwildMix by Simon Rose (Bobble)

So Not Berlin Play roulette 34 with bongo.gg Mixtape:



Top Friend Party Mixtape:


Top Friend Party WeSC_B&B_2010_short

KeineMusik & Stock 5:


Sascha Sibler – MIX-Nov-09

Hip Hop Silvester “Word Up” Mixtapes:




Ghettoblaster Classikz by Al Rock



Top Friend Party tonight @ Erste Liga


Well tonight it is the ‘return of the Mack’, my friend Stevie Mac (Manchester UK) is back to play @ Top Friend Party alongside Raph who has been a Top Friend resident at YUM YUM for the past 1,5 years. These two are bound to steal the show even if they are relatively unknown. I know Steve Aoki is playing at the P1 opening and so forth, but this is the one you wanna go to partywise, crowdwise and location wise. Hit up Steve Aoki and then head over top T F Party for the real thrill.
A Top Friend Favourite right now:


La Roux – Bulletproof (Gashups Filthy Dubstep Remix)

this one i found while getting lost in blogland some weeks ago, played it ever since. Too bad i haven’t found a better quality mp3 yet.


I got Soul, I’m So Wasted – Wallpaper

Massive Top Friend Party this Thursday!!!

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This Thursday its time to get down to the very first regular Top Friend Issue down @ Erste Liga with me and Dj Beware (YUM YUM Vienna/ FM4). We have had some kind of dj try outs for the time since we opened (i think 12 different djs) and now the set dj crew is established and done experimenting, some simply couldnt cut it – we’ve had a couple of nights where the djs mistook this spot for a cheap bmore club or couldn’t even play a nice warm-up, or even had the misfortune of playing during the Beerfest. Well all thats sorted now. The music policy we have in mind for T F will be displayed on the new mixtapes, which will soon come out and find its way through the webs to you – or will be handed out physically at the Party.

Djs: Me and Beware – besides both running our own YUM YUM outfits, me in Munich and him in Vienna – share a passion for all kinds of music. Come down to witness the original Top Friend sound and make this another biggie to go down, only real place to go to on a Thursday night and the only one with musical essence and backbone. Make sure to show up early or you might end up like the guys on the picture below.

Top friend Party – massive night this Thursday – Djs Chrome & Beware

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Some of our favourite tunes at present


Florence & the Machine “You Got the Love (The xx Rmx)” – the TUNE right now!


Chromeo – Night By Night (Skream Remix) – another Monster version of Chromeos retro sounding disco boogie tune, courtesy of the UKs latest rising star, Skream – love the 80ies feel. Mans pushing the boundaries every which way.

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For the rest of you guys playing – Rss readers do not necessarily make the music better – more options means more decisions, means better quality control. And this is where the individual counts. Wake up

Short recap of Top Friend Party Munich, October 8th @ Erste Liga

Who ever thought that it could change that way…? Before four it was honestly pretty lame! Munich was empty, the crowd seemed tired and the atmosphere was strange –  Oktoberfest ended only some days before. Everyone felt – the end is near. But then… BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM! From 4 a.m. standing turned into bouncing, the vibes were good, music was party and bodies were shaken. And I mean shaken! Special thanks to SCHOWI the man who came all the way down from Berlin to make us dance and yeah! He made us dance! Alors, on danse encore ORI! Quite a surprise when Max Herre and his Crew showed up and enjoyed the sound with us even when the lights were turned on… Ok! Now we know that we can do it… Maybe little earlier next time.

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See the entire album…

Our friend and amazing DJ BEWARE – Hongkong’s 3 times Technics DMC champion, radio DJ, remixer and globe trotting party rocker who hosts the radio show “FM4 Unlimited” will play together with CHROME at the 22nd of October. See you there!

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new Top Friend Party this Thur, Oct 8th @ Liga

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This one will be a massive night following the line of nigths we had so far with TF @ Erste liga – after the last one was a victim of the Oktoberfest and really wasnt even worth being reviewed – we will continue real strong with Schowi bringing the noise and Ori backing him up.Top friend growing and glowing.

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Some tunes that you will def hear @ the next T F party.


Vampire Weekend “Ottoman” (Redlight Remix)


EmpireoftheSun “WalkingOnADream” (Kolt 13 rmx)

+++the biggest tune for some time now:


Fake Bood “The Dozens” (removed)

Short recap of Top Friend Party Munich, September 24th @ Erste Liga

OMG! What more to say? Octoberfest! Carnival @ Liga? To say it shortly… come on… we can do this better! Look at some of the pics from last Thursday and learn more about Bavarian club culture during the so called 5th season…

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To see the entire album…

We’re looking forward to the 8th of October – SCHOWI (Bass Ill Euro/YUM YUM Berlin) will play together with ORI NERO our boy from Tel Aviv @Erste Liga in Munich… no Lederhosen this time… for sure! RSVP to the event…

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