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Jacob. X Walrus Tales – ECHED ft. Colin McKinley


Sometimes, for me, music doesn’t need to be produced and mastered in a big studio with hours and hours of doing this and that, spending money, on what exactly ?! Rugged and raw is the recipe over here. Love the beauty and simplicity that Jacob (16 and from Philly) and Walrus Tales (21, Miami) created here. Trap and future elements are mixed on this instrumental track. Smooth guitar lines on top by Colin McKinley and this beat is ready and available as a Free Download.

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Free Download! Skizzy Mars – Changes (LÈON – Tired Of Talking Remix)

“Life in common among people who love each other is the ideal of happiness”
-George Sand

This is definitely a piece of genius. Can’t stop listening…it pretty much sums up love & life from 22 year old rapper Skizzy Mars’ perspective mixed with the sweet but ‘tired of talking’ voice from swedish songbird LÈON. The production by Michael Keenan is state of the art.

Free Download: http://bit.ly/1K11kpV
And if you like to follow the Lyrics while listening, there you go: http://bit.ly/1g57gWZ

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