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Shaolin Sure Shots April

After getting so much positive feedback for our Shaolin Soul Nights at the Yip Yab munich, we decided to share with you a monthly selection of the tracks we play at our partys. Some of the good old stuff, some of that wicked new stuff and maybe even some surprises. Get it on your headphones and share it with your friends.

So here they are, April’s Shaolin Sure Shots, compiled by Jaws, Taran, Marki, and Wunder.


A- Dorondo – Didn’t I (Trishes Edit)


Al Green – Simply Beautiful (King Most Redirection)


Amp Fiddler – I Believe In You


Ben l’Oncle Soul- Soulman


Brenda Butler & The Fonxionaires – Gin & Tonic


Etta James – I’d rather go blind (prince of ballard edit)


Exile – When Nothing’s Left (feat. Blu)


Mr. J Medeiros – Pale Blue Dot 20Syl Remix feat. Shad


Onra – Come Closer (Kicks & Claps Edit)


Sola Rosa – Turn Around ft. Iva Lamkum (TM Juke Remix)


Visioneerss – Ike’s Mood I

Darondo Soul Drums Trishes Edits

Trishes is a pal from way back who i met through Fm4 in austria and he is always on some really soulful, classic stuff. Here is some new material that he sent through. Soemtimes good things just need a new outfit..


my edit of the gorgeous darondo song “didn’t i” has been out online for a bit (http://soundcloud.com/trishes/darondo-didnt-i-trishes-edit). now, it’s finally getting the vinyl treatment too thanks to the good
folks at the loud minority. these guys put on some of the most interesting shows and dj gigs here in vienna/austria and have now decided to press up limited edition 7″s from various friends. the
darondo edit on the a with an old favourite by bill withers on the flip, my contribution to this great series (which will also feature up hygh, dorian concept, the clonious, waxolutionists & lewis mccallum
among others) will drop in approximately february. hope you enjoy this and thanks in advance for your feedback & support! T. ”


A – Darondo – Didn’t I (Trishes Edit)


B – Bill Withers – Make A Smile For Me (Trishes Edit)