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Lisa Mitchell – Neopolitan Dreams (Sonnengruss Remix) [Free DL]

Another new (but actually old) offering from new favourite act Sonnengruss. We are still overwhelmed by ‘Day & Night‘, which held #1 on The Hype Machine for several days and that’s pretty darn awesome for a newcomer. Although not an official follow-up, since it’s an old mix of theirs, Lisa Mitchell’s beautiful ‘Neapolitan Dreams’ got it’s 2014 remix, and it got released on soundcloud a year later. This is what they said about it:

“This remix was originally scheduled for release last year (Sept 2014). It will finally see the light of day at the end of this year.”

Make sure to grab your free download: https://www.hive.co/l/2z1p

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Obadiah Parker – Hey Ya (Outkast Cover remixed by Koni)


About time someone remixed or mashed up Obadiah Parkers old cover of Outkasts ueber anthem. The biggest, most played, most sold song of the 2000’s is Hey Ya and no remix can take that away from the magic of that simple, simple stupid song that we all love so much – and at times even hated, just because it was so overplayed that you couldn’t spend 5 min without hearing it. After all that i still love “Hey ya” and i actually had 2 copies of it on vinyl, not only for mixing it back and forth, in a pre Traktor/Serato world, but also as a backup, because i simply played it so often that one eventually had to go sooner or later. Here is a really good Tropical Take on it and i sure wish it will be included on the next TROPICAL SESSIONS Compilation!