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When You Fall In Love (Mastered Version) by BoganVia

This tune really sticks with you, long after you stopped playing it. Always the strongest indicator for a strong tune. This one has all the clichés & trademarks of a 80’s synth pop anthem, and it is really that strong imho to be, although fictitious, an 80’s classic. It uses the obvious sounds and techniques flawlessly w/o ever compromising with todays state of the art sounds, mixing methods and that is normally an absolute No Go in my book, bc even if you take a retro or genre based anti stance, you have to adjust to the fact that listening habits changed, devices changed, the mixing of sounds, the effect settings have gone through a major change, and consumption in total has become fundamentally different, as the general attention span decreases by the months. This tune by BoganVia ignores all the above completely, and actually defies my thesis, but surprisingly works better than most other songs (99% i come across), and it transports fun above all else, w/o ever having to make a fool of itself. Ahoy BoganVia, may your star burn bright and long!

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