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Chiddy Bang – Truth (HD Video)

Well everyones been talking about their other (the real new) video “Sooner or later” but this one somehow slipped my radar. Both tracks have been featured on this website, last year already and this one in particular has benn a favourite with our YUM YUM crowds for some time now, but it takes nothing away from their “freshness”, quite the opposite . So Big up Xaphoon & Chiddy! Support them late august when the long awaited album drops. One of the few worth buying these days. Ps we are planning a full on german tour with them – with every YUM YUM city involved. Its gonna be good for the artistst themselves to play in real packed spots. More on that tour and their new album very soon..

Chiddy Bang – “On our way” prod Xaphoon Jones



On Our Way (Remastered)

Another track that Chiddy Bang / Xaphoon Jones sent. I like these kids. They sound like a breath of fresh air and are somehow among the only “real” hiphop you’ll find in our sets these days. But whats real anyway? That 90ies term sounds so corny. Hope this finds its way through the bloglands and the interwebs. These guys are gonna go their way and they can count on us to support them. ★★★chromemusic approved★★★

Xaphoon Jones Vol 1 Mixtape


Xaphoon Jones, the producer of Chiddy Bang, which is so far my favourite hiphop band this year, sent me his mixtape – simpy entitled Xaphoon Jones Mixtape Vol.1. what can i say, i dig these guys and their style – mucho. Grab it for free right here and show Xaphoon some love on myspace. Its a mixtape full of surprises and originality. I played 3 of his tracks last weekend and they get crowd-love.

Keep up the great work dude and connect


13 I Wanna Know Now (Bob Marley, MGMT) Kopie