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the Cults – debut album “Cults”

Their debut album “Cults” (sorry for the itunes link, LPs not on bandcamp), IMHO, delivered everything the first three songs promised it to be – here is a previous post to their 2010 songs. The Cults has to be the best band of 2010/11 so far and their mixture of aplocalyptic pop, soulful basslines and lofi rock has my media players working hard ever since i first heard them. If you havent heard of them already (what country doesnt have internet?) lets go jump into their music:

Cults – Abducted from Jonathan Wang on Vimeo.

Cults – Abducted from Jonathan Wang on Vimeo.

The music video to “Abducted” sets the mood and here are a few more of my favourites. One of the nicest tracks (especially when on the road) has to be “Bumper”, it just goes on & on w/o ever getting boring, incredible.


Cults – Bumper

Once again, actual tunes that i am playing, at big room gigs but nobody else is, except your occasional bar djs. This is just too good not to be shared with the entire world. Whats up people, make sure to put this on your tables, decks, sticks, seratos, traktors – whatever you are using. I have been to about 20 different spots this holiday weekend and have not a SINGLE time heard anything by this band, one of the hottest groups in the world right now. Back to my favourites:

One of their best tarcks has to be : You know what i mean
Cults – You Know What I Mean by cultscultscults

The remix to last years tune “go outside”:
Cults – Go Outside (2 Bears Remix) by cultscultscults

*now that you are hooked*

Links: official website / bandcamp / facebook / soundcloud