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YUM YUM Ingolstadt this Saturday @ Maki

Happy New YUM YUM!
Two premieres at the same time in 2010: first time YUM YUM in this beautiful new year and first time ever DJ Passion at the Maki Club.
Passion being part of DJ & producer team Bass Ill Euro, together with Schowi (Massive Töne), and expert in matter of bass is travelling the western hemisphere all year long.
This time teaming up with all-time favorite Not FX, representing the remaining YUM YUM sound spectrum!
Big Time!

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Year-end closing with YUM YUM Ingolstadt this weekend!


Year-end closing together with YUM YUM!
At the latest since the parties in october and november all the left doubters must have recognized it. YUM YUM is pure partying, at its finest! This week first time featuring Ori Nero. Fellow DJ from carnival city Cologne and part of the TopFriend crew, raised out of the YUM YUM crew. Not just playing HipHop Ori comes out of the electronic scene. Spinnin’ it together with Ori this evening is Not FX, already well known all over Germany’s YUM YUM parties.
Good bye 2009!

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P.S.: Merry christmas!!!

YUM YUM Ingolstadt this Saturday

YUM YUM Ingolstadt November '09

YUM YUM loves Maki and Maki loves YUM YUM. Diesmal eine volle Breitseite von Max Mausser, denn er ist solo zu Gast. Ein Klassiker unter den YUM YUM DJs. Einer aus der Gründerväterzeit sozusagen, der für 100% YUM YUM Sound steht! Dazu eine Premiere, und zwar kommt Superior als Host und Residnet DJ. Ein Eingeborener, der sich in seiner Heimatstadt allseits großer Beliebtheit erfreuen kann. Viel Spass ist garantiert…

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coming up: YUM YUM Ingolstadt on Wednesday May 20th

YUM YUM Ingolstadt is on it’s way to becoming a regular in Ingolstadt. This is our second time around,  after a proper kick-off with Schowi and local Rev Maki back in March. Ingolstadt will see a sequel of the YUM YUM vibe at Maki with Munich’s veterans Max Mausser and Not:fx on Wednesday May 20th.

The next day is a holiday so expect this one to go through the roof.

YUM YUM Top Tune in May:


chiddy bang – kids feat. mgmt