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YUM YUM Würzburg inviting to new location this Saturday


This Saturday YUM YUM Würzburg invites all of you guys to a new location!
We moved to KamiKatze for this week and invited our dear friends Dan Gerous (YUM YUM Munich/Crux/NICE) and Tommy Montana!
So show the hosts at the KamiKatze Club what YUM YUM parties are all about and step on the dancefloor.

Rock to the beats and rhythms of our DJs and finally enjoy another hell of a party in Würzburg!

If you’re from Würzburg and you like to party – join our group on Facebook – and RSVP to the event.

Going down tonight: YUM YUM Würzburg @ Studio

After a great premiere back in April, we are back with the first regular installment of YUM YUM Würzburg @ Studio, the town’s best club. We are looking forward to our little trip tonight – Djs will be Not.fx & Dan for the main area – and the chill lounge will be run by Henk & Blizer. Make sure you join our YUM YUM Würzburg group on facebook for the latest from the guys.

We will hand out YUM YUM Vol.9 CDs tonight so come by early to grab one.

***YUM YUM Würzburg Premiere*** this Saturday, April 4th @ Studio

Another new and wonderful premiere is upon us: Würzburg which is a beautiful city, hidden in the mid of germany, has its first proper YUM YUM night @ Studio, the best club in town.  See how they have incorporated our Artwork into their club – scroll down dude. Outstanding n’est pas? We are looking forward to our little trip – Djs will be Chrome & Max for the main area – and the chill lounge will be run by Henk & Blizer. How are we going up there Max? Schowi and Passion kept teling me how cool this club is, so we finally made it here. Welcome to the Fam.

ONE OF MY FAVOURITE TUNES to start it off right – [audio:http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/freak-from-desire.mp3]

roundtable knights – freak-from-desire

PS ***Facebook group for Würzburg will be up soon***

this entry door is mighty impressive. Gonna be a hell of a fine night.