all new, massive YUM YUM Munich this Saturday @ Bmw Spot


We are looking at a real good one this Saturday!

We are back this Saturday @ Ex BMW Spot in Munich. It will be the final night of the ginormous 3-day “Buy or Cry” Sale which includes all of munichs top boutiques and fashion outfitters on one spot. This whole night will be presented by WeSC, who will hook us up with some of their marvelous headphones & plenty of fab tee-shirts, which will be given away to some of our Newsletter subscribers that night. (Subscribe ;-)

Djs are Chrome, Max Mausser & Tand Williams – and we finally have a night where we can do what we do best – namely play music instead of taking care of the entire place and talking to bouncers or cops. Thank god!

A word about the organisation of the party:

After all the recent locations not having enough capacity and the NYE spot being overrun, with us being the floor in the back that despite its size some didnt even find, due to some screwed up lights. We are back with a massive & wonderful YUM YUM this weekend in munich. The visuals will be pure YUM YUM material, all our bouncers will be there and the orginisation is handled properly – from wardrobe to door to bar. Some specials  i have to tell you about – drinks (or glasses) will be free of any deposit charge (real glad about that) and we managed to fix the price for a vodka/bull  @ 7,50€! Be in for a treat, peoples and see you Saturday! PS YUM YUM Top Tunes coming this wednesday!

Here is my favourite tune right now (Repost) and i am just working on a remix as we speak …errr write!


Damian Marley & Nas – As We Enter