last Friday (Comic Book) and a short notice


YY-070301.jpgLast Friday was a weird night. The Lights were going on and off and the Soundsystem was just not sounding right. To top it all off it was a full moon night and you know what that means… We simply coulndt get the Soundsystem under control and we will check the speakers and the full PA before the next night to make sure we have our usual YUM YUM vibe. The last night just didnt do it and cut it for me, so it means back to the Lab to get everything done by next time. Thanks for being the nicest crowd possible and still pulling off an amazing dance. I know other folks would not be able to tell the difference and would call it a great night that was mega packed but the entire YUM YUM vibe, set and sound is just something special, and for us this was a mediocre night (for everybody else in Munich this would have been the highlight of their year). So thanks for still making it mine and on our next date (March 16th) we will be back to full force with a fully functioning Sound and Light system. Enjoy this weeks Comic book review and our new Goodies below.