last friday night, comic book & a word about the smoking prohibition


YUM YUM Comic Book of Friday January 4thPage_1.jpg

there is a new YUM YUM coming in 2 weeks with chrome, flo keller and max on the wheels. check our new YUM YUM top tunes & Tand Williams new mixtapeYUM YUM Reggae tunes” to check out what we are listening to at present.:::Resume of last Friday, our first night under the new smoking prohibition:::
it was interesting to see how some few people were in the middle of dancing and then simply walked off to have a smoke. bizarre is the word. makes you think as a dj that you are not apreciating what i play, when the very same guys walked back in 5 minutes later and completly going nuttah for the music. tobacco works.
but still i think a lot of people apreciated the better air – including smokers – and besides, if you really want to smoke a cigarette, who is there to stop you? nobody is gonna throw you ou of our club for doing so. we are just gonna ask you politely – because thats what we are supposed to do. Ps.we even have this smokers new lounge if you wann be all legal.
but come on – dont make cigarettes such a big issue – this is all still about music and fun. having said that i hope some things are clearer now.okay so much about cigarettes.
:::::::::: ABOUT THE MUSIC – READ THIS::::::::::
it was a good feeling working the floor and the turntables with my old buddies and dj partners schu and jaws. i think i speak for everybody when i say i totally loved it when people appreciated the new styles we dropped and played, we are simply trying to make the YUM YUM sound bigger and brighter – while including more styles when possible. we totally loved it how you accepted a lot of these new offerings. thanks a lot and thanks for making it mine.