YUM YUM comic book & Information


Page_1.jpgLast YUM YUM was more of a reggae/hip hop night than a proper YUM YUM night. Having said that – people will wonder what i mean – but there was not no real euphoria in the air and the back and forth between 4 djs was way too much. This would have been a good or great night for most other clubs but it definitely was not a real YUM YUM night.
Anway – i might see it a bit more harsh than the average guy, since i’m the music guy – but it needs to be said. And its the people who still made it a great night. So this is a promise: we will go into YUM YUM sets and sounds and reduce it to a maximum of 3 djs a night and keep on where we left you 2 weeks ago. Sekreteriat will be open next time too. thnx foor making it mine and being who you are!!

check the new stuff and all the new mixes & this months YUM YUM top tune selection which has been cleaned up( 2 are reupped!).

1. YUM YUM vol 7 is on its way and will set the mood – here is a preview tune.

2. Next YUM YUM on friday april 18th will be Chrome with our special guests: the Rub (cosmo & eleven) from nyc. will be massive!!
3. YUM YUM comic book of Friday April 4th
4. ps YUM YUM Vol.7 will be given out @ YUM YUM on Friday April 18th.