YUM YUM Comic book of last Friday


Page_1_Kopie.jpgYUM YUM Comic book of Friday November 2nd. Not much too say, but was a nice and enjoyable night but i would say that about anything after Wednesday nights “Award Tour” which i anticipated to be a night with a hiphop flavour but not a mid 90ies jam with no variety at all – Wednesday had nothing to do with YUM YUM. Hiphop is for kids these days and i simply refuse to live in the past. There is too much greatness out there.*********Anyhow don’t be fooled by me – Friday was a good night – it was a YUM YUM night and i was still mentally somewhat tangled up in my thoughts – thats why i couldnt enjoy it that much, but the crowd did, and i am so much looking forward to the next YUM YUM on October 16th, which is also our anniversary. Bday time with all our original cast Chrome, Roots Rockers, Schu & Jaws. Gonna be great. Dont forget to check out our monthly YUM YUM top tunes – ps – i redid No.1 (“Falling for You”) because it sounded …well bad when i played it, so i reupped it yesterday – before my damn net crashed – so all i am saying is: makesure to recheck it.
PS plenty more news coming tomorrow – my internet should be fixed by then – so i dont have to go netbummin..