YUM YUM Comic Book review of last Friday February 2nd


84563108_492829.jpgHere is our comic book Review of last friday, February 2nd, which in many ways wasn’t our usual YUM YUM. Not only due to Dj guests Marek and the “new La Boutique” crew in area 2 (Raph & Motive). Was a fun night and pretty huge too, with loads of new tunes and plenty of music that isn’t our average YUM YUM sound, so we will surely come back and hit you all with an all YUM YUM night in two weeks on February the 16th. Best tune in the No.1 song of this months Top Tune selection to have some musical background while you click through the comic book pages. Enjoy. Also, new funnies found below. ps – watch out for this weeks YUM YUM in Duesseldorf and make sure to check this weeks Newsletter with plenty of new infos and brandnew material.