YUM YUM this Friday and comic books of last Friday & Saturday.


Page_1_Kopie.jpgHere they are: The new photo comic books of last weekends YUM YUM parties: Friday YUM YUM May 18th in Munich and the new one from YUM YUM NRW, Saturday may 19th. Well all this and a new YUM YUM in munich will take place this Friday, May 25th.

So stay tuned for more info and more music to come this week. There are plenty of new goodies to be found below and some seriously funny videos posted – and besides what are doing in front of a screen anyway? Its great weather today all over Europe, so unless its a laptop and you are sitting in some street cafe – make it a quick visit. Do yourself a favour and enjoy the sunshine and have have a delightful week. See you back Wednesday for plenty new posts, and on Friday for one of our final YUM YUM s in these last couple of weeks before Registratur closes. Have a good one..