YUM YUM this Friday June 1st and Comic Book of May 25th


Page_11.jpgLast Fridays YUM YUM Photo Comic Book (May 25th) is finished and online.
And there is not much to say about last friday, but that it was still 22C outside at night and you can imagine how hot it was inside the place. It was almost unbearable and i almost fainted while playing, from the sheer lack of oxygen and of course from the tropical climate inside the venue. Jaws had to take over for the remaining three (!) hours. Glad he did it. Really have to take care of the ventilation before we go on this Friday. Speaking of which:
There is already a new YUM YUM coming your way, this Friday June 1st. Only this month left before the registratur closes. So enjoy Junes new YUM YUM top tune selection, coming your way and being posted Thursday or Friday (when finished). See you Thursday on the site and Friday inside the venue.

PS ENJOY ALL THE NEW POSTS BELOW – plenty of good ones.