Recap of Top Friend at erste Liga last Saturday Feb 7th


Well it doesn take too much to flip the vibe in any place – we had a cheering crowd from 12.30 on. Usually the place packs at 2.00 from what i got told by co-dj Martin, who is a resident at Liga. We did a great job delivering everyone a good time and even went out with an half an hour crunk set – yay. Big up to the rookie who was playing with us – thats really his name – i am not being a prick here – but he knows about the net and new music and is into it instead of bragging about the good old days… blah, blah.., one of the few people these days. All the top friend/ YUM YUM tunes went down like butter and made the floor burst but i remember this one going down especially well. Great night great vibe and i think everybody who came down, remembers pretty much how good this night went down. Seems like Top Friend is becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Lets fucking ‘ave it…